Caroline Springs


Delfin/Lend Lease

Project Size



Caroline Springs, Victoria


Completion Date

1998 – Present




Type of Project

Public Realm, Recreation.

Build it and they will buy

Naturform have been involved with Caroline Springs for the past 15 years. It’s a pioneering project in Melbourne’s west which achieved unprecedented land sales.

The developer’s approach, which was novel at the time for Melbourne, was to invest ‘up front’ in the parks and landscape infrastructure, so people coming in to buy property could see the parks, lakes, tennis courts, pergolas and understand that every house had a unique connection to the environment. This allowed them to sell through stock very quickly, with buyers camped out overnight to secure new releases.

The Grange structure was designed for us by Urban Edge and holds a special place in Naturform’s history. There is a large BBQ shelter, slate roof, stone walls, sandstone pillars, faux stone retaining walls, ornamental plantings around the playground.   Within that space is Bazza’s Park, a memorial place where Barry Earl, Naturform’s masonry foreman, is remembered as it was the last project he worked on.